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Watch useful videos about FKG Dentaire’s endodontics, reconstruction and laboratory products, as well as impressions from tradeshows and congresses where they have exhibited in the past.

FKG Dentaire at IDS 2019

чт. 14. март 2019


FKG XP-endo Shaper - Testimonials - Kleber Carvalho

пн. 21. януари 2019

Kleber Carvalho (DDS, MSc) from São Bernardo do Campo (Brazil): "I've been using the XP-endo Shaper in my practice and the results are really amazing."


FKG XP-endo Shaper - Testimonials - Guillaume Jouanny

пт. 21. декември 2018

Guillaume Jouanny (DDS) from Paris (France): "We are talking about endodontic instruments that will ready adapt to the canal shape when before the canal was adapting itself to the shape of the file."